When We Coach You

Coaching with Fountain is a lot of fun, even when it’s hard work.  You will laugh a lot, sometimes at yourself and often at the same time as you take important steps toward deep change.  You will always feel like you have us on your team, even when you realize that you yourself may not be playing at your best.  You won’t be able to resist feeling safe and well listened-to, and the experience will bring new energy and ideas to your life.

We offer clients our strength and skill in creating a safe space to slow down, explore your options, and make deliberate choices for your future.  We offer a blend of companionship and accountability to your deep change goals while holding the mirror so that you can continue to learn from the experience of change.  Throughout, we offer a breadth and depth of experiences from which to draw relevant examples to inform and inspire you, and a diverse network of people and resources from which to draw for added support.  

In contrast to a friendly or interesting chat, we want our relationship to be distinctive, remarkable, and purposeful for you. In addition to honoring the spirit of courageous authenticity and collaborative transformation, the principles below guide us in every client experience:

Fountain splash 4PSProtective – We pledge to earn your trust by honoring confidentiality while supporting your journey. We will listen deeply to your story and hold tight to the goals you declare you want us to keep us focused on.  In all that we do together, we will remind us both to put your best interests first.

Provocative – We pledge to exercise prudent courage in challenging you when challenge is necessary.  We will offer our outside perspective as an option to inform your decision-making, and we will play the devil’s advocate when that serves you best.

Proactive – We pledge to be fully present and prepared for our time together so that we can maximize our impact.  We will think ahead to the activities and needs we likely will encounter during the arc of our relationship.  You will benefit from our curiosity for what happens next.

Professional – We pledge to embody thorough professionalism as a business partner and coach, from basic communication and timeliness to good judgment in ambiguous circumstances.  We will uphold the International Coach Federation’s ethical standards for coaches and will earn your appreciation for delivering the results you seek from coaching.