About Fountain

Fountain Coaching & Development has been powering deep change since 2011.  The Fountain name and logo design evoke the transformative impact of fountains in ornamental landscaping, where their noisy, wet ebullience can enliven static, dry environments.  In the context of leadership coaching and organizational development, Fountain brings a blend of energy, courage, and fun to the hard work of deep change.  Fountain’s coaches create spaces and systems for reflection and depth, like the waters of a fountain’s basin or pool.  The experience of working with Fountain can refresh our clients as they tap into deeper values like courageous authenticity and collaborative transformation.

In a field where coaches have become commodities and where big consulting firms have reduced the complexity of organizational change to simple formulas, Fountain exists for the sake of thoughtful, personalized care for clients who know they need something special and enduring.  Fountain’s coaches listen deeply to clients and act boldly to serve their goals.  Fountain’s learning events sparkle with wit and discovery.  Fountain’s program designs balance clarity of purpose with systemic linkages that strengthen the sustainability of deep change.

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