Deep Change

Fountain uses the concept of “deep change” to describe client outcomes that permeate and endure.  Deep change creates a lasting shift in mindset, spirit, or culture.  Deep change becomes interwoven into daily experience and pervades the entire organization, team, or individual.  Accomplishing deep change requires transformation of interconnected systems of thought and behavior over time.  After deep change, there is no going back.  Fountain helps clients focus on the structures and patterns that support or impede deep change.

At Fountain, our passion for powering deep change drives our work with every client and informs our perspective at every turn.   We help clients awaken their courageous authenticity and practice collaborative transformation so that they can accomplish amazing things they may have doubted before were possible.

Examples of deep change for individuals include the following:

  • Developing the capacity to lead effectively in an environment of heightened volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity
  • Declaring new values and aligning decisions and priorities to those values
  • Identifying bold, new goals and letting go of old patterns that will not serve them

Examples of deep change for teams and organizations include the following:

  • Designing new norms for communication or decision-making, then following through to implement them despite the natural tendency to revert to tried-and-true ways, even when those ways haven’t worked
  • Shifting from an emphasis on individual contributions and hierarchy to a shared leadership model of team functioning, in which the team holds each person accountable for collective outcomes
  • Identifying sources of distrust and building trustworthiness across individuals, teams, and whole organizations over time

The difference between ordinary change and deep change is like the difference between painting a wall and remodeling the whole house: the structures and the patterns of life shift irreversibly only when you remodel.  The all-too-common failure to recognize a need for deep change likely results from the fact that there is plenty of painting to be done with any remodel, so it can be hard to distinguish one from a simple paint job.

Fountain helps clients create deeper change through 1-on-1 and Team Coaching, programs of learning and leadership development, and related activities.