Instructional Design

We love creating experiences where participants learn and grow in support of positive change in their world.  Our coach-instructors hold formal training in adult learning methods, as well as significant experience delivering learning experiences that support deep change.  Designing an excellent workshop or delivering a high-impact development program begins with questions like these:

  • Behavioral Outcomes: What should participants be able to do differently as a result of the learning experience?  What are their current behaviors, and what about those is insufficient?
  • Desired Results: What should be different about the group, organization, or system as a result of the learning experience? What indicators or measurements could describe impact after the engagement?
  • Audience: Who are the participants?  What are the important demographics, backgrounds, or viewpoints of the audience?  What do they have in common?  How do they differ?
  • Linkages: How could the learning experience connect to and strengthen other organizational goals like talent management, succession planning, or diversity & inclusion?
  • Tolerances: How could the learning experience interact with the organization’s existing culture, norms, or expectations?  What would the system encourage, tolerate, or reject?

Fountain can design custom leadership learning solutions for your organization or contribute to ongoing efforts you’ve already begun by integrating with your existing team of learning specialists.