Systems Thinking

Where clients see symptoms, Fountain often sees systems.  No matter the size of your organization, creating deep change requires attention to the interconnected reality of your world: its rules and expectations, procedures and personalities, rewards and punishments.  For example:

  • How will an effort to change overcome the agreements and promises that people on your team have already made to each other?
  • How will your staff reconcile new encouragement of values like teamwork or honest upward feedback with your organization’s history and procedures, like a competitive promotion system or hierarchical structure?
  • How could your organization develop emerging leaders in a way that also improves profitability and builds diversity of perspective?

Creating deep change within a system means accounting for culture and becoming skillfully intentional about altering shared habits of thought or behavior.  Fountain’s approach to team development, leadership development, and organizational transformation incorporates a big-picture view of what it takes to create sustainable change in the fine details.