Team Coaching

The same powerful insights and support for deep change that you can experience working 1-on-1 with a coach can also fuel your whole team or board.  In team coaching, two or more coaches engage a leader and team together for live-action observation while at work. For example, you might invite coaches to join regular staff meetings or special offsites run by you, the leader.  Beginning gently and becoming bolder over time as the group warms to the interaction, team coaches help illuminate group dynamics, decision-making patterns, and options available to you and the team as you pursue deep change together.

Team coaching works by fostering meaningful, direct conversations within the team and by creating more opportunity for each individual to reflect while acting — two keys to effective decision-making and relationship-building.  Many organizations that are using teams to drive their business results are finding it difficult to manage the human dynamics within their teams and are calling upon team coaches to increase team effectiveness and performance and produce the desired outcomes.

Team coaching works best when it is combined with 1-on-1 coaching for the leader and all participants, or when connected to an overall leadership development program or change process involving group work.