Courageous Authenticity

The ethic of courageous authenticity enriches Fountain’s work with clients.  When they work with us, clients find they can imagine new possibilities and see the competing commitments that might hold them back from claiming a bold new future.

We love witnessing clients who dare to try new ways of thinking and behaving so that they can achieve their goals.  The truth is that meaningful change often requires personal courage to face risks and fears that could hold us back, even when we know what we want.  Our clients often work with us to answer these questions:

  • What are the values or principles that you want to pursue?
  • What would it mean to embody those values consistently?
  • What other commitments could be holding you back from making change?

Whether you are contemplating a new career, seeking better fit, or striving for a breakthrough within the career you already have, the ethic of courageous authenticity can serve your quest for more fulfillment or impact.  Through coaching and learning experiences, you can not only gain clarity of purpose, but also find vital support for taking action that requires courage.