About Fountain’s Clients

Our typical individual client is someone like you: Someone who wants to make deep change in life, even if you don’t yet know exactly how or what to change.  Maybe you’ve noticed the old patterns no longer seem fulfilling.  Maybe you’ve identified your future dream already.  Maybe something is going wrong right now, and you need to fix it quick before moving on to your bigger concerns for the longer-term future.

If you are like our typical clients, you have been successful in your career up until now, but want more: perhaps a better mission to inspire you, or greater authority to create the vision you have imagined, or an opportunity to lift your head above the routine and imagine what could be.  Clients like you have skills that you want to put to different use.  You have enough courage or resilience to commit to trying something new.  You are resourceful enough to invest in doing this right.

Fountain works primarily with mission-focused organizations that are undertaking deep change.  From national security to international finance, from spiritual discernment to intercultural understanding, our clients pursue meaningful purposes with intrinsic resonance for their employees and for us, their partners.  That sense of mission shifts the kinds of conversations they choose to hold with our assistance, and it heightens the sense of accomplishment when they undertake and achieve deep change.

Fountain’s coach-consultants have worked with the following industries:

  • Government and Public Service: Past clients have included individuals with the Department of State, Peace Corps, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, National Archives and Records Administration, FBI, and CIA.
  • International Development: Past clients have included the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund Family Association, and the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs.
  • Communities of Faith: Past clients have included St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church in Washington, DC and St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in College Park, MD.
  • Principled Leaders in Transition and Teams Motivated to Evolve: Many individual and organizational clients from other sectors have worked with Fountain to achieve deep change.